"TheEroticReview.com" Founder, David Elms, on the Lam


A Maricopa County Superior Court judge signed a bench warrant today for prostitution whiz David Elms, who skipped his scheduled arraignment.

As readers of the blog know, Elms also missed a court hearing on March 4, but officials decided it might have been inadvertent. When he failed to appear again this morning, Commissioner Lisa Vandenberg raised his bond to $300,000 and issued the warrant for his arrest.

Elms, the founder of a Web site that helps people find quality hookers, came to Phoenix from California last month and was promptly arrested by local cops. He was initially accused of trying to hire someone to kill a woman and seriously injure a man, but the charge of conspiracy to commit murder never stuck.


Elms is still charged with conspiracy to commit aggravated assault, plus various drug and weapons charges.

The legal woes have already caused Elms to be booted from his own company. With this skipped court appearance, he seems to be just compounding his problems. But Elms helped write the map to the underworld -- presumably, he's better at hiding off the grid than most.

--- The earlier report said Judge Mahoney instead of Commissioner Vandenberg. Thanks to court staff for pointing out the mistake.


[UPDATE JUNE 4: Elms is arrested in California.] 

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