Therapist Paul Fischer's Counseling Session Allegedly Included Slapping A Woman And Stuffing His Fingers Down Her Throat

Paul Fischer is a "family and marriage counselor" in Downtown Phoenix.

What allegedly assaulting a woman during a counseling session had to do with therapy is anyone's guess.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, the woman told the cops about the incident that occurred on February 3 at Fischer's 7th Avenue office.

The cops say Fischer, 62, pulled the woman's hair, slapped her in the face a bit, and eventually "forced his fingers down her throat" -- all in the middle of a counseling session.

Court documents do not state exactly what caused Fischer's counseling session to turn into an alleged slapping, hair-pulling, and throat-stuffing event.

Police later set up a recorded phone call between the two, in which Fischer apologized for the assault, according to the court documents.

The case would've likely been a simple misdemeanor assault charge, but since Fischer allegedly had her by the hair the whole time, the woman told police "she felt as though she could not leave."

That scored Fischer a felony charge of unlawful imprisonment.

Fischer's bond was set at $25,000, and the conditions of his release don't prevent him from going back to work.

He's due in court on February 29.

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