Thirty Nuggets

Amount of cash raised by candidates for state offices in 1998: $11.5 million

Amount of cash contributed to candidates by retirees: $713,000

Amount of cash to candidates from out-of-state contributors: $850,000

Amount of cash from California contributed to Arizona candidates: $240,000

Amount of cash collected by Senate President Brenda Burns: nearly $90,000

Amount she passed on to fellow GOP candidates in 1998: $0

Amount she rolled over into her 2000 campaign on November 23: $91,000 (includes interest earned)

Amount of cash collected by the Arizona Democratic party: $449,000

Amount of cash passed on to state Democratic candidates in direct or in-kind contributions: $12,300

Amount of cash raised by Arizona Republican party: $485,049

Amount passed on to state Republican candidates in direct and in-kind contributions: $171,372

Amount of cash Dan Quayle's national Campaign America PAC gave to Arizona candidates: $5,500

Amount of cash Dan Quayle, Paradise Valley resident, gave to Arizona candidates: $0

Number of state senators: 30

Number of Senate majority (Republican) staffers: 10

Number of Senate minority (Democratic) staffers: 6

Number of Senate Building security guards: 9

Amount of cash Sheriff Joe Arpaio contributed to candidates: $1,410

Amount of cash taxpayers have spent on legal fees and settlements because of Arpaio's shoddy jails: $1 million

Amount of cash longtime mine inspector Douglas Martin raised for his 1998 reelection: $11,060

Amount of cash Martin got from mining companies or their employees: $1,120

Amount of cash Del Webb Corporation contributed to state candidates through its PAC, its executives and its employees: $86,000

Amount of cash the National Rifle Association spent in Arizona on 1998 races: $4,550

Amount of cash Arizona Diamondbacks managing partner Jerry Colangelo gave to state candidates: $6,405

Amount of cash Colangelo recently committed to six free-agent baseball players: $118.9 million

Amount of loan to attorney general candidate John Kaites from Chicago Bulls chairman (and Colangelo pal) Jerry Reinsdorf: $28,000

Amount Chicago Bulls paid Michael Jordan last year: $33.14 million

Amount, per inch in height, Bulls paid Jordan: $424,872

Amount, per inch in height, Reinsdorf lent to Kaites: $424

Amount of cash New Times employees gave to state candidates: $850

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