Where's Jan's finger?
Where's Jan's finger?

This Is a Photo of George W. Bush Smoochin' Jan Brewer

This is a photograph of President George W. Bush and Governor Jan Brewer, in which Bush is giving Brewer a little smooch, and Brewer's not shoving her finger in his face.

Thanks to this photo, we now know that Brewer's in Dallas, for the dedication of the "George W. Bush Presidential Center."

According to one of the Bush-Brewer devotees on Facebook, this photograph above is much more pleasing to him than photos of "the Kenyan Village Idiot and his America-hating wife."

(If you need a reason to hate humanity, just cruise on over to the Facebook comments.)

For your moment of zen, try to imagine how Bush and Brewer even communicate with one another, given their difficulties coping with the English language.

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