This Weekend: Salsa, Curling and Laughing Your Ass Off

By Jonathan McNamara

There are a lot of interesting sports out there. In Japan, they ride trees down hillsides. In Canada, they hurl boulders across expanses of ice and use brooms to slow them down. There are no Japanese tree-riders in the Valley this weekend, but if you want to see some curling action, you'd best get down to the Desert Ice Bonspiel at the ALLTEL Ice Den. Take off.

Holy guacamole! They've got chips to spare at My Nana's Salsa Challenge this weekend. Remember that many tomatoes died to create tasty chip-coverings for you. Think of the tomatoes.

If you can awaken from a salsa coma on Sunday, I suggest you try to laugh some of those unnecessary calories off at Tempe Improv during The Comedy Draft. A dozen comedians of various skill levels and experience will take turns trying to make you chortle whilst downing gin and tonics. Tip your wait staff.


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