Three Generations of One Family Convicted of Trafficking Nearly 7,000 Pounds of Weed

Peddlin' weed is a family affair for the Bowens, a Chandler family that's tri-generational weed-trafficking biz has come to an end with the convictions of three of its members.

Federal authorities announced today that Kingsley Lloyd Bowen, 66, of Brooklyn, New York, is the latest member of the Bowen family to be found guilty by a federal jury in Phoenix of several offenses stemming from the family's illegal business.

Earlier this year, Kingsley's daughter, Sandra Marie Bowen, 40, of Chandler, her boyfriend, Christopher Anthony Williams, 36, of Chandler, and Kingsley's grandson, Dillon Ornim Clarke, 22, of Brooklyn, New York, all pleaded guilty to conspiracy to distribute marijuana and several other charges.

According to federal prosecutors, the Bowens operated an elaborate organization that moved marijuana from Arizona to Florida, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and several other states.

The feds claim the Bowens moved about 6,900 pounds of chronic across state lines in what prosecutors claim were wholesale quantities.

The money the Bowens were rakin' in from the family business was laundered through 23 bank accounts linked to the family, authorities say.

At trial, federal authorities say prosecutors showed that more than $900,000 in proceeds was deposited into bank accounts belonging to the Bowens.

Sentencing for the Bowens is scheduled for August 30, where each defendant faces the possibility of life in prison.

Hopefully for the Bowens, United States District Court Judge Susan R. Bolton is a subscriber to the "it's just weed, dude" defense and doesn't throw the book at the pot-peddlin' family.


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