Paris Troy
Hotter than a Georgia firecracker; so hot you could bake bread on her back, or maybe a frozen pizza...uh, you get the picture.

Thump Day Honey Number 3: The Tres Curvaceous Tamara.

For some reason Thump Day Honey sounds a lot cooler than Hump Day Honey, and it also gives me an extra day to snag a P-town hottie to praise online, so from now on, we will call them Thump Day Honeys! So let it be written. So let it be done. Now bathe her and bring her to me. Chop-chop.

Oh, don't I wish. The amazing Tamara Guenthner pictured here was suggested to me by the world-famous Christopher Cashak, who does nothing but take pics of hot babes all day long, and so earns my eternal envy. I knew I shouldn't have dropped that photog class in college! Anyway, Cashak's not the only one to have photographed this mega-dime in her prime. The British-German-Italian femmebot's appeared on the cover of Playtime magazine, and she's August in the current '07 edition of the Tempe 12 Calendar. August is appropriate. Just look at that bod, you could practically fry an egg on her frickin' skin!

Tamara, or Tammi for short, is Glendale born and bred and still dwells in that toddlin' town, where she's the spokesmodel for the new Pink Cabaret gentleman's club. With her sultry 36c-25-35 hourglass figure on a 5'7" frame, and those come-hither green peepers, it's no wonder Pink's also hired her on as the VIP Hostess with the mostess. Tammi go-go dances at Scottsdale spots like E4, Myst and Axis/Radius, but she says guys rarely approach her in da club, though she's not at all stuck up. Indeed, as far as what she's lookin' for a in a fella, Tammi says as long as he's cute and has a personality and a sense of humor, she's open to all types.

Hmmm, how 'bout a fat guy with dark glasses and his own column? Mull it, Tammi. There's no rush.

For more pics of Tammi, check thse sites:

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