photo by Giulio Sciorio
The pulchritudinous Pyra Sutra, now with breasts to match that gorgeous bod.

Thump Day Honey Numero Uno: The Sizzling Pyra Sutra!

Hump day came and went so fast this week that I'm introducing a Thump Day Honey, none other than Mizz Pyra Sutra, co-founder of the Phoenix burlesque troupe Scandalesque, which is sort of a cross between a Bob Fosse production and ye ol' Ziegfeld Follies. Think the Pussycat Dolls, but hotter and not skanky-lookin'. These gals are all professional dancers, each with a little act they bring to their nearly-nekkid routines, like a feather dance, or in Pyra's case, dancing with flame.

Sutra's a sultry and curvaceous 36D-28-36, and since she teaches ballet by day, she's limber as hell, and knows how to work it, boys. She just got her boobs done for Xmas, and has been garnering gads of compliments for them as they often receive "exposure" onstage --- with pasties, alas. Still, as you can see above, her form is magnifique. Just imagine it sporting the aforementioned enhancements! Plus, with her flawless 5'6" frame, golden locks and ebullient smile, all of you het males out there are sure to be mesmerized.

Should you wish to gaze on Pyra's pulchritudinous form, all you need do is make your way down to the Paper Heart at 750 NW Grand Ave. the first Saturday of every month where Scandalesque has a regular gig. Indeed, their April 7th Easter Extravaganza should be a real humdinger with an appearance by this dood named Scotty the Blue Bunny, a hairy gay Jewish guy who dresses up in risque bunny outfits and see-through plastic high heels. Sounds scary, mommy. Well, at least Pyra and the other Scandalesque seductresses will be there in their pasties and g-strings to offset the Blue Bunny's aquamarine maleness...

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