Tiger Reportedly in Sex-Rehab Center in Mississippi; Wait, So "Rumors" That He Was in Wickenburg Weren't True?

If the latest heap churned from the rumor mill is true, the Phoenix Open (or as it is now less-glamorously known, the Waste Management Open) isn't the only thing Tiger Woods won't be coming to Arizona to participate in.

The latest report from Radaronline claims that Tiger has checked into a sexual-rehabilitation center in Mississippi called Pine Grove, to treat his sexual, um, addiction.

There were rumors that Tiger already had checked into The Meadows rehab center in Wickenburg, where he has been since Christmas.

The Meadows seemed like the obvious choice for Tiger because, at one point, fellow sex-fiends David Duchovny and Eric Benet -- the less-than-famous ex-hubby of Halle Berry -- both went to the center to "get well."

According to the latest reports from "sources," Tiger checked into the center sometime over the past week and was being treated by Dr. Patrick Carnes, who "pioneered treatment for sexually compulsive behavior." In other words, the guy has made a career out of making excuses for husbands who cheat on their wives.

According to the facility's Web site, sex addicts receive a variety of treatments, including group therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, and something called "shame reduction."

"Shame reduction." How fitting. In Tiger's case, we can assume that the only "shame" was that he got caught, not that he was bangin' (as the saying goes) "everything that moves."

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