Tiger Woods' Latest Tale Involves Two Phoenix Women, a Camera, and Some Hush Money

Just because Tiger Woods is (ahem) no longer a sex addict, it doesn't mean the rumors of his now-famous philandering will be coming to an end anytime soon. That being said, the latest tale of Tiger's legendary libido includes two Phoenix women, a possible sex tape, and an alleged payout by the golf great to keep their traps shut.

There are now reports that about three years ago, Tiger found himself naked in a bed with two Phoenix women when one of the young ladies did what any smart woman would do if she found herself naked in a bed with Tiger Woods and some other chick: she started recording.

"Suddenly, he realizes that one of the girls is taking pictures or videotaping him with the other girl," an anonymous source tells the NY Daily News. "Tiger goes ballistic. He starts chasing the girl around. She runs out the door. He runs out after her. I don't know how much clothing either of them is wearing, but Tiger finally catches up with her and grabs her cell phone or camera or whatever it was that had the evidence."

According to the source, the scuffle put an end to the ladies' romp with Tiger, and they went home almost immediately.

A few days later, the source says, the woman who had been chased called Tiger, said she was injured in the incident, and had hired a lawyer.

Rather than face his accuser in court, Tiger's handlers made arrangements for both women to receive payments in exchange for their silence, the source says.

If the story is true, it seems the pay-off paid off -- for Tiger, anyway. As far as we know, neither of the women has spilled the beans to the media like the 14 or so other women Tiger has reportedly bagged.

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