Timothy Geithner, Tax-Skipping Treasury Secretary, to be Briefed by State Border Crimes Expert

An Arizona prosecutor considered a "pioneer of asset forfeiture" will brief U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner today about
efforts to target smugglers of illegal immigrants.

Cameron "Kip" Holmes, a longtime prosecutor with the state Attorney General's office, was recently profiled on a Web site for the Association for Certified Asset Forfeiture Specialists. Here's a sample:

Q: Can you give an example of a case in which good advance planning made the difference between a success and failure in a forfeiture case?

A: Years ago we seized 18 convenience stores on the same day and didn't have a single egg salad sandwich spoil.

Hilarious. Those asset-forfeiture specialists really crack us up.

Geithner, as we remembered after a Google search, took heat before his confirmation for the minor matters of not paying his full share of taxes for a few years and employing a woman who, for a short time, wasn't legally permitted to work in the country.

You think Holmes, as he gives his testimony, is wondering about Geithner's assets?

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