Today is World Toilet Day; Group Asks Phoenicians, "Are You Squatting?"

Today is World Toilet Day; Group Asks Phoenicians, "Are You Squatting?"

There seems to be a day designated for just about everything, and toilets are no exception.

Today, November 19, is "World Toilet Day" and a group called "The World Toilet Organization" is encouraging Phoenicians to participate in a global event called "The Big Squat."

Jenny Steeves, global coordinator for World Toilet Day, is encouraging us to participate in the event to raise awareness of the 2.5 billion people in the world that don't have toilets and are forced to hover when they take a dump.

"To mark World Toilet Day this year, people all over the world will be going to malls, offices, parks, and other public places and squatting for one full minute, which is really difficult if you're not used to squatting. We're calling it 'The Big Squat,'" Steeves says.

The WTO wants people to get their friends together and form "squat squads," armed with toilet paper and literature about the piss-poor countries (pun intended), where most people don't have access to johns.

The WTO hopes that when people see a group of wierdos squatting in a public place -- for no apparent reason -- they will ask them why. At that point, the "squatters" are supposed to tell them about the shitty (again, pun intended) situations in developing countries.  

The WTO claims that 1.8 million people die every year from "fecally transmitted diseases," and that women are often hit the hardest.

"Open defecation threatens absolutely everyone, but women have further problems: In many developing countries, modesty forces women to poop in the fields before sunrise, or to hold it until after the sun sets," the WTO's Web site claims. "Imagine if you weren't allowed to relieve yourself during daylight hours, no matter how bad you wanted to go?"

For more information about "The Big Squat," click here.


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