Feathered Bastard

Tom Horne Cozies up to Richard "Women in the Front" Mack, and Ammon Bundy, Son of "Welfare Cowboy" Cliven Bundy

Fortunately, I've not had to get too close to Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne lately, as the stench of desperation coming off the guy is practically visible, like the cloud of dirt that followed around Charlie Brown's pal Pig Pen in the old Peanuts comic strip.

Horne clearly hopes a lurch to the loony right will save his sorry fanny from an embarrassing defeat by GOP rival Mark Brnovich, who rightly called Horne a "chameleon" in their recent debate on Channel 8's Horizon.

Over the years, Horne has morphed from liberal Democrat to moderate Republican to hard-right Republican, and now seems to be shape-shifting into far-right, anti-gub'mint extremist, a role that, sadly, appeals to more than a few in the Arizona GOP.

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