Tom Horne, Lawbreaking Scum, Uses Plight of Migrant Children to Solicit Donations

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Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne, who literally may end up in handcuffs this year depending on the outcomes of various criminal probes into his scummy activities, is using a photo of migrant children detained in Texas to raise money for his re-election campaign.

In a mass e-mail sent out Tuesday to potential contributors, Horne repeats his lame threat to sue the federal government over the crisis of Central American kids crossing the border in Texas, and then being flown to Arizona for processing.

As I explained in last week's column, Horne has zero authority in the matter, and this threat of a lawsuit is about as credible as the laughable RICO suit disbarred, disgraced ex-county Attorney Andrew Thomas filed against Maricopa County politicians, judges and employees back in the day.

But beating the anti-immigrant drum will not save Horne any more than it saved Thomas from disbarment.

Read Horne's entire, shameless pitch for cash on the backs of immigrant kids.

Last week, the Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission unanimously voted to investigate Horne's using his public office -- the one you and I pay for -- as his re-election headquarters, in violation of both state and federal law.

The ACCEC has both subpoena power and the power to remove incumbent lawbreakers like Horne in certain circumstances.

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As I mentioned in the piece I wrote about the ACCEC decision, present at the hearing was the Maricopa County Attorney's Office's lead investigator, indicating the possibility of a state grand jury in the not-too distant future.

Also, the FBI is looking into the new allegations of wrongdoing, as attorney Tom Ryan communicated to Horne, when Horne recently demanded back his three-ring binder of campaign contributors, intentionally mislabeled "Border Patrol."

Ryan responded with an e-mail telling Horne the book was now in the possession of the FBI, and sent him a PDF of the receipt given to Ryan by an FBI agent for the "Border Patrol" book.

Horne also has been ordered by Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk to pay back $400,000 in campaign contributions illegally obtained during the 2010 election cycle. He's appealing that decision, an appeal he will lose.

Ironically, Horne recently toured the facility in Nogales, AZ where hundreds of migrant children are being kept, and praised what he saw, saying the kids were clean and well-treated.

Horne is desperate. Recent polls show him with high negatives, trailing his GOP primary opponent Mark Brnovich. And who would want to give money to a loser like Horne who hired his own mistress to the state payroll and is being pursued by four investigative agencies?

Granted, other money-grubbing politicians are making similar appeals, such as Governor Jan Brewer did recently on behalf of her JanPAC.

Exploiting migrant minors is all the rage these days among unscrupulous pols.

But the practice is particularly putrid as practiced by Horne, the sleaziest politician in Arizona, bar none.

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