Tom Horne Leads Andrew Thomas by 887 Votes, with 900 Votes Left To Count

Just to keep you updated, as of 5:54 p.m. Monday, state Schools Superintendent Tom Horne had a comfortable 887 vote lead over ex-Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas in the GOP primary for state Attorney General.

According to spokesman Matt Benson at the Arizona Secretary of State's Office, there are only 900 provisional ballots left to count. The ballots are split between Gila and Apache counties.

I called Horne, who declared victory Saturday night. He said he hasn't heard murmur one from Thomas' camp.

Counties have until the end of the day tomorrow to finish with their provisionals.

There may be some minor shifts. About an hour ago, Horne was at 892, for example.

Even if Thomas were to snag half of all the remaining ballots, he still wouldn't bring it to within the 200 needed to trigger a recount.

So as Horne said Saturday, it's over. It's over like last Thanksgiving. It's over like Thomas' political career. It's over like the hill Sheriff Joe's on the other side of. It is so over.

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