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Tom Horne's Hearings Rescheduled: Will the AG Beat the Rap?

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne's corruption is blatant, in your face, unrepentant.

Yet, given the machinations of Horne's lawyers, who are battling both Horne's misdemeanor fender-bender charge with the City of Phoenix, and the civil, campaign finance law complaint brought by Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery, I suspect he will escape all but the mildest of sanctions.

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Hearings in both cases recently have been rescheduled. Last week, Horne's attorney Michael Kimerer asked for the postponement of a pre-trial hearing in the Horne hit-and-run case set for Monday in Phoenix Municipal Court. Horne has pleaded not guilty in the case.

The court granted Kimerer's request, putting off the hearing till January 18.

"Defense counsel has been provided extensive discovery in this case, which requires additional time to evaluate completely," Kimerer states in his motion.

He relates that he must "schedule interviews with several critical witnesses," and mentions that he is "hopeful that a resolution of this case can be obtained."

Kimerer adds, "To that effect counsel has had ongoing communications with the City Prosecutor regarding a settlement."

In other words, it's good to be the AG. Even if two FBI agents witness you do a hit-and-run on a car parked near the pad of your alleged mistress Carmen Chenal, you know, the one pulling a six-figure salary at taxpayer expense, conviction remains a longshot.

Then there's the whole issue of election-year "coordination" between Horne and Business Leaders for Arizona, the independent expenditure committee once run by Horne's now-head of outreach, the irrepressible Kathleen Winn.

As I mentioned in my recent cover story on General Horne-dog's Chenal-gate, both Horne and Winn, hypothetically could be on the hook for $1 million in fines each.

But the audio recording of a December 6 hearing before Administrative Law Judge Tammy Eigenheer, who will be deciding on a Winn-Horne appeal of an order by County Attorney Montgomery to return all of the money Winn raised through BLA, does not fill the listener with the sense of impending justice.

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