Top 10 Legitimate Complaints About Living in Phoenix

Listen, we love Phoenix, but that doesn't eliminate our urge to complain.

There are some legitimate complaints to have about living in Phoenix -- find our top 10 picks below:

10.) Monsoon storms

Let's make this clear: Monsoon season is way better than having a tornadoes or earthquakes. However, driving through a dust storm isn't anyone's idea of fun, and this year, storms came with so much rain as to cause flooding in Phoenix.

9.) Beige is your new favorite color

In certain parts of the city, everything is beige. 8.) The sports teams aren't exactly elite

Unless you want to count the WNBA, Phoenix's pro sports teams have combined to win one championship. The city of Chicago has 27, St. Louis has 13, and even a town in Wisconsin with a population of 100,000 has four Super Bowl victories.

7.) The local sheriff is off his rocker

(To put it lightly.) 6.) Summer electricity bills

What is this electricity made of? Diamonds?

5.) The politicians give us a bad reputation

Fact: The list of embarrassing things Arizona politicians have done stretches to the moon and back. 4.) Finding a scorpion in your house isn't cool

Some people claim they've lived here their entire lives and never seen a scorpion. Those people are called "liars."

3.) Everything's far away

There is not a single person in this city who can say they live close to everything. 2.) It's hot

Did you expect anything else?

1.) People complaining about how hot it is

That's the only thing worse than the heat -- complaints about how hot it is.

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