Top 10 Wacky Right-Wing Beliefs in Phoenix

Local liberals freaked when their top 10 wacky beliefs were skewered. But Arizona conservatives boast equally nutty ideas. Here are 10 of the nuttiest.

10) President Obama is not a natural-born citizen.
9) More guns in America means a safer America.
8) People give a rat's ass about Hillary's e-mails.



7) Forget about melting ice caps, climate change is a liberal hoax. 
6)  Donald Trump is God's gift to Republicans.


5) Planned Parenthood kills babies and sells their body parts.
4) Sheriff Joe Arpaio walks on water, no matter how many laws he breaks.
3) Jade Helm 15 is a test run by the U.S. military for the imposition of martial law.
2) Chemtrails are part of a government conspiracy to poison U.S. citizens.
1) Women can't get pregnant from rape. No, really.
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Stephen is a former staff writer and columnist at Phoenix New Times.
Contact: Stephen Lemons