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Top 20 Videos About 420: Flying Over Hippie Hill, Lil Wayne's Big Joint, Stoner Dash, and More

Phoenix New Times presents the top 20 videos about 420, the national holiday, not to mention time of day, for cannabis advocates worldwide. Watch Lil Wayne prepare for 4/20 with a giant joint, fly over Hippie Hill in San Francisco in a drone, and join 4/20 celebrations around the world.
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April 20's popularity as an unofficial cannabis holiday keeps getting higher, threatening to someday rival St. Patrick's Day or Cinco de Mayo.

Like those holidays, "420" represents freedom. Now, more people than ever can legally partake following the 2016 elections.

Any adult 21 and older can now legally possess or (within some limits) cultivate personal amounts of marijuana in Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Washington, and Washington, D.C. Most states, including Arizona, also have medical-marijuana decriminalization laws on the books.  

Arizona voters, for a variety of reasons, turned down a marijuana-legalization measure 51-49 in November. But that doesn't mean Arizonans won't be celebrating 420 as a day on Thursday — or as a time on the clock.

A smorgasbord of cannabis-themed events are scheduled for April 20 in metro Phoenix. Many medical-marijuana dispensaries and smoke shops have their places decorated like a leafy, green version of Valentine's Day, and they're offering specials on items that would have merited multiple felonies for the sellers and buyers just a few short years ago.

Why do cannabis aficionados acknowledge 4:20, a.m. or p.m., then have a big party on 4/20?

As a bit of Googling will tell you, it has nothing to do with Hitler's birthday, the Columbine High School massacre, a police code, the number of chemicals in weed, Jamaica, or when Tommy Chong was born. The earliest known reference reportedly stems from a group of high-school students in San Rafael, California, who called themselves the Waldos. They would meet at 4:20 p.m. to get high and search for a fabled grove of marijuana plants.

But forget that bit of Snopes-confirmed history for a moment. Debating various theories for the origin of 420 and how it evolved into a cannabis-centric holiday is part of the fun. As the following videos show, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy 420 including the obvious.

So, without further ado, we give you the top 20 videos about 420:

How else can one have fun on 4/20, or to add urgency to the question, 4:20?

1. "4/20 Parachute Stoner Dash." Back in 2007, students at Durango, Colorado's Fort Lewis College ran a 4/20 smoke-out operation under a parachute while another student shot video. Classic stoner stunt.

2. "History of 420 - Animation."
High Times magazine's humorous explanation of the Waldos origin story.

3. "It's that time."
 Pure excitement.

4. "Worlds Biggest Open Marijuana Market 420."
Scenes of canna-liberty from the 420 rally at the Vancouver Art Gallery in 2014.

5. "Dude on Price IS Right bids 420 over and over."
Classic 420 humor as a California man uses his momentary game-show fame to express his love of the number and, presumably, what it represents.

6. "I'm Schmacked The Movie - Colorado State University (420 weekend)."
If you're looking for a college party video with weed as a central theme, you probably can't do much better than this.

7. "Real Time with Bill Maher: 'Twas the Night Before 4/20.'"
Maher says 4/20 is "more worthy" than Columbus Day — what do you think?

8. "420 Official Video in Boulder Co, 2011. High Times. Secret."
One of many videos about 4/20 celebrations on Colorado university and college campuses — always climaxing with the giant of cloud of smoke that rises at 4:20 p.m.

9. "420 Smoking Weed in Public Prank."
Another entertaining category of 420-related videos: pranks.

10. "Weezy Wednesdays - Episode 8: Preparing for 420."
Ever wanted to see Lil Wayne smoking a yardstick-sized joint? Other rappers can only claim they're prepared for 420.

11. "Celebrating 4/20 with London's Weed Fanatics."
Jolly good report by about a 4/20 celebration in London.

12. "420 Vs PoPo."
It's unclear whether the young man really has cannabis or a smell-alike, but cops are not amused.

13. "California On 420."
Comedian Kassam G offers rated R, beach-side interviews about 420.

14. "Fox News issues 4/20 warning about 'skunk weed.'"
Re-broadcast by Raw Story, this Fox News report about 420 is good for a laugh.

15. "Cheech & Chong's History of 420."
Just go with it.

16. "Vape Naysh Yall."
A circumstantial connection to 420, we admit, but this 4/20-released remix of an earlier, popular comedy video adds a needed cynical tone to the holiday festivities.

17. "4:20 vines compilation."
A minor subset of 420-related videos depicts what happens to people or things just before, then when, the clock strikes 4:20. This compilation is probably the best of the bunch.

18. "4/20/2015 Hippie Hill Drone footage."
This year, the beloved Hippie Hill event at Golden Gate State Park will be sanctioned by local government.

19. "4/20 Preparation."
Brian Imanuel, a.k.a. Rich Chigga, the Indonesian rapper, plays a young man desperate to find weed on 4/20 in this short comedy video.

20. "triptank 420 montage."
The two-season cartoon show wasn't beloved by everyone, but it had some great moments. This video pays homage to the roots of 420 as a time of day.
Remember, it's always 4:20 somewhere...
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