Tough-on-Crime Veteran Prosecutor Scoffs at Thomas/Arpaio "Case" Against Judge Donahoe

Our acquaintance is anything but a squishy liberal, having served for a few decades as a prosecutor of major felonies for one of Arizona's 15 counties (we'll leave it at that for reasons that soon will become apparent).


He let us know that he read the direct complaint and accompanying "probable cause" statement filed against the judge by minions of Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Maricopa County Attorney Andy Thomas.

And this is what our career tough-on-crime pal has to say about this latest turn of legal events:


"We were reading the complaint here in the office yesterday. I guess, unfortunately, most folks outside the justice system don't understand, first, how incredibly unprofessional the probable cause statement is; second, how petulant it sounds, especially with respect to the issue of transporting in custody defendants; and, finally, how this [probable cause] statement doesn't support their charges.

It is astounding that the State Bar hasn't moved against Thomas for his actions in the past, but this is such outrageous conduct, something has to be done. To think that these two have some realistic chance at Attorney General and Governor is absolutely scary."

Now, that's food for thought.



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