ACTION HIGHWAY "Action! Chases! Danger!" Speed traps, collapsing bridges and head-on collisions made this battery-operated racetrack more fun than your average Sunday drive. Drive-by shootings and homicidal hitchhikers not included.

MYSTERY DATE "When you open the door, will your date be a dream (sigh!)--or a dud (groan!)?" Juvenile jezebels vie for studs in Milton Bradley's game of "romance and mystery." In what may be some kind of a first, the commercial's creamy jingle turned up years later as a number in the off-Broadway musical Suds.

SUZY CUTE Noted doll connoisseur Louis Armstrong sings the praises of li'l Suz while a trio of subdeb Satchmo groupies groove to his Dixieland jive. Goodbye, dolly!

SCREAMING MEE MEE-E RIFLE "The rifle of the year!"? Probably not. Still, not many guns allowed you to strafe your friends with shrieking "grenades" that looked like space-age toilet floats. LIE DETECTOR

Round up the usual suspects! Loaded with atmospheric lighting and moody jazz riffs, Mattel's black-and-white spot for its "exciting new game of scientific crime detection" is a toy noir classic--right down to the guilty playboy with the big jaw and the mustache. TICKLES

Calling Mommie Dearest! "Tickle her, she laughs! Spank her, she cries!" Guess which soundtrack wore out first.

ROY ROGERS QUICK-SHOOTER HAT Is that a gun in your hat or are you just mad to see me? Cap pistol embedded in plastic Stetson gives new meaning to the phrase "hair-trigger" action. (And yes, that is Beaver Cleaver's little pal Whitey Whitney.) TIGER ELECTRIC GUITAR

"Swing with your friends!" Rock out to a go-go version of "My Darling Clementine" while preteen Nancy Sinatras frug in silhouette! It's the most!

BETSY WETSY Rare assembly-line footage exposes the wall of doll heads, secret tear-duct testing technology, state-of-the-art hair-stitchery and much more. Not for the squeamish!

When Mattel introduced Barbie's boyfriend in this 1961 commercial, young America was atwitter. "Does he or doesn't he?," they all whispered. Word spread fast--he didn't.

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