Travis Fasching Finds Out the Hard Way That Sex With 15-Year-Old Hookers is Illegal

Soliciting a prostitute, as you probably know, is illegal. When the prostitute is only 15 years old, it becomes extra illegal -- and when police watch a 15-year-old prostitute's head "pop up" from your lap as you sit with the girl in your parked car, you're in some serious trouble.

That's what happened to 32-year-old Travis Fasching, of Peoria, Friday night, and now he faces one count of child prostitution-use.

According to court records obtained by New Times, about 11:30 p.m. Friday, police watched as Fasching conversed with two young girls in the area of 4100 North 27th Avenue. After chatting for a minute, the two girls got into his car.

Officers followed Fasching and the young ladies to an unlit part of a parking lot of a business near 3808 North 28th Avenue where he parked the car and one of the girls got out.

When police approached the vehicle, they watched as the girl inside's head "popped up" from Fasching's lap as he scrambled to put his pants back on.

Cops determined that the girl in the car is only 15 years old. The girl who'd gotten out of the car moments earlier, it turns out, is only 17.

Fasching came clean -- he told police that he'd engaged in sexual conduct with the minor and that he agreed to pay her $80 for her "services."

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