Treasurer Martin Makes it Official: He's Running for Governor

As we predicted yesterday, Arizona Treasurer Dean Martin officially declared his candidacy for governor this morning at a closed electronics plant in Phoenix.

Martin, who is in his first-term as treasurer and is a former state senator from Phoenix, will challenge sitting Governor Jan Brewer for the Republican nomination.

Other notable Republicans possibly seeking the party's nod are Tucson attorney John Munger, Paradise Valley Mayor Vernon Parker, and NRA honcho Owen "Buz" Mills.

On the Democratic side, Attorney General Terry Goddard is the probable candidate.

In recent polls, Goddard leads all possible Republicans, in some cases by double digits. All but one, that is -- Sheriff Joe, who often toys with the idea of taking his wrangling of Mexicans to a state-wide level. He would beat Goddard head-to-head, according to certain polls. 

Martin gave few specifics regarding his plan to fix the nightmare that is the Arizona budget situation, other than opposing Brewer's proposed one-cent sales-tax increase.

Join the club pal; all Republican hopefuls are against Jan's plan.

Martin will spend the next two days giving speeches across the state to try to drum up support for his candidacy.

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