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Trent Franks One of Top "Freedom Fighters" in Congress (According to Conservative Group That Apparently Ignores Franks' Fear of Homosexuals)

Congressman Trent Franks is extremely vocal in his opposition of a woman's freedom to choose whether to have an abortion. He's equally vocal in his opposition of giving homosexuals the freedom to get married.

But Franks' insistence on playing the role of morality cop for abortion-seekers and homosexuals was apparently ignored by a conservative group that just named him one of the top fighters for "freedom" in the United States Congress.

Heritage Action for America released its Congressional scorecard this morning, noting that "with each vote cast in Congress, freedom either advances or recedes. Heritage Action's new legislative scorecard allows Americans to see whether their Members of Congress are fighting for freedom, opportunity, prosperity, and civil society."

Franks, according to the group, has the fourth highest score of any member of Congress when it comes to fighting for "freedom."

The rankings are primarily based on votes members of Congress made on fiscal issues. When it comes to spending money, Franks is a bit of a tightwad. However, when it comes to basic social freedoms, Franks has a tendency to pick and choose where he wants to allow "freedom."

Franks, as you may recall, called for the impeachment of President Barack Obama over his decision to no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act.

Franks also voted in favor of barring Planned Parenthood from receiving federal funds because the organization provides abortions (just for kicks, click here to watch Congressman Franks answer a question about a balanced budget amendment with a diatribe about Nazis and abortion).

Further, Franks thinks a penis should be required for any member of the military to serve in combat.

Trent Franks: fighting for your freedom (unless you're gay, want an abortion, or want to enter a combat zone without a penis).

See Heritage Action's rankings here.

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