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Congresswoman Debbie Lesko
Joseph Flaherty

Debbie Lesko Dukes It Out With Bette Midler on Twitter

Because it's 2019 and Twitter is an a endless and empty hole, Arizona Congresswoman Debbie Lesko took shots at Bette Midler after the singer-songwriter criticized her "grandstanding" during an impeachment hearing.

Let's rewind a million years to Wednesday, December 11. The House Judiciary Committee was debating the  articles of impeachment drafted by Democrats.

"If anyone is guilty of abusing power or obstructing Congress around here, it's the Democrats, not the president," Lesko said. "This is the most corrupt, rigged, railroad job I've seen in my entire life."

Midler responded: "Now the gal, Debbie Lesko, R, Arizona, is grandstanding bigtime!! Blame the Dems, don't blame the criminal in the WH. His own actions, his own words, have led him to this day. He's a fake, installed by Russia. Maybe Richard Nixon was "not a crook". But this guy really is."

Fast forward to today. Referencing one of Midler's better-known hits, Lesko tweeted: "Hey gal, looks like the 'wind beneath your wings' has turned into hot air. Unlike Nixon, no crimes committed by Trump. Democrats just acting like 'Ruthless People.'"

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