"Trusted Traveler" Found at Border With Mexican Woman in His Trunk

It looks like the feds don't really trust their "trusted travelers."

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers found a Mexican woman in the trunk of a "trusted traveler's" car while he was trying to re-enter the United States through Nogales.

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You might be familiar with the "trusted traveler" programs, which allow "low risk" travelers to go a little faster through security checkpoints at the northern and southern border and lets you qualify for the TSA's "PreCheck" program to get through security at the airport faster.

Juan Carlos Chavez, a 27-year-old Nogales resident, had one of these memberships, but it turns out that "low risk" doesn't mean "no risk."

According to the agency, officers asked him to open the trunk, and Chavez said he couldn't.

Officers ended up having to lower the rear seat to get access to the trunk, where they found a 34-year-old Mexican woman.

The agency says in a statement that people who qualify for this trusted-traveler status undergo "an extensive background check and in-person interview. CBP says Chavez's status as a "trusted traveler" has been revoked, and he's been turned over for prosecution.

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