TSA Responds to Sky Harbor Freak Out Video

Since our earlier post about a Youtube video featuring a woman who freaked out at Sky Harbor International Airport, the Transportation Safety Administration has issued a response.

In case you missed it, during a routine security pat down, the woman claims the TSA officer
grabbed her breast -- then she goes ballistic, and her son is scolded by officers for recording the spectacle.

See the video -- and the response from TSA spokesman Nico Melendez -- after the jump..

Below is the statement from the TSA:

You may have seen the video of a woman at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport who was upset about her screening experience.

TSA takes all allegations of improper screening seriously and investigates each claim to the fullest. After reviewing this passenger's time at the checkpoint, we found that our security officers acted properly and neither the CCTV footage nor this YouTube video support any of the allegations levied. Real violations of our protocols are worth every ounce of our energy to investigate, but this alleged incident does not meet that threshold.

This incident has also raised many questions about whether or not passengers can film at checkpoints. This topic is currently under review, but you can read this blog post on our current policy for photography at checkpoints.

The maniac alleged mother of the cameraman aside, the man shooting the video is a little suspect in all of this as well -- he seems to have an obsession for pissing off TSA officials and posting it on Youtube, which makes the whole thing seem a little staged.

Check out another one of his Youtube hits below.

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