TSA Security Stripper Has Gone Through Checkpoints in Undies at Least Four Times

The Phoenix woman featured in a now-viral YouTube video, in which she goes through airport security in nothing but her bra and panties, says she'll continue to go through security checkpoints in her undies to prevent TSA inspectors from putting their hands "up there."

In fact, 52-year-old Tammi Banovac, a retired surgeon, has done it at least four times already since the new TSA security guidelines were put in place.

We tried (and tried, and tried) to get a hold of Banovac yesterday. We failed -- KPHO beat us to it and is now "telling it like it is" (we're not bitter or anything).

Banovac told the TV station a bad experience with a TSA inspector is what led to her going through security in her undies.

"She ran her hand just as far as she could up there. And it was...unpleasant," she says. "It's not like I intend to get on an airplane in just a bra and panties... They see bare legs, bare arms, bare tummy; they don't have to pat that down."

Maybe so, but we can think of a few other spots that might pose a problem to Ms. Banovac -- even if she's only wearing her skivvies.

"It's not indecent exposure or anything like that, essentially it's the same as wearing a bathing suit, except it has lace on it," she continues.

When asked how easily she passed through security while practically naked, Banovac says "I sailed through."

If you haven't seen the video, check it out below. As one reader put it yesterday, "WTF. Why does she move like a femme-bot?" See KPHO's full interview with Banovac here.

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