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Tucson Extremist Roy Warden's Upcoming "Rally" to "Impeach" AZ Supreme Ruth McGregor

Roy Warden: Este pendejo, indeed...

Anti-immigrant nutjob and Mexican flag-burner Roy Warden's coming to town Wednesday, December 10 for a "rally" to "impeach" Arizona Supreme Court Chief Justice Ruth McGregor. Well, supposedly. According to e-mails the wacky Warden's sent out to the state Supreme Court and others, Warden's been inspired by reports in assorted out-there outlets that McGregor is kowtowing to a request by the Hispanic Bar Association group Los Abogados. Seems the group would like her to discourage the use of such terms as "illegals"and "aliens" when describing undocumented immigrants.

But contrary to what Judicial Watch and Rush Limbaugh, and even some mainstream news outlets initially suggested, McGregor never ordered judges or other court employees not to use such words. In her reply to Los Abogados thanking them for their concerns, she cc'd  top appeals courts judges and promised to share Los Abogados' letter with presiding superior court judges as well. That was it.

So there was never a ban on the use of the term "illegal aliens." McGregor just got a letter from a top legal group in town, and forwarded it on to her peers. After the state Supreme Court's spokesperson Cari Gerchick swung into action to correct the misinformation, many of these outlets, though not all, corrected the original story. Even Limbaugh backed off of it.

But Warden and some other nativist ne'er-do-wells won't let it die. Los Abogados' current leader Lizzette Alameda Zubey just sent out an e-mail alleging that a certain, freaky flag-burning activist had scored the e-mail addresses of some Los Abogados' members, and issued a notice that the organization itself would be having the demonstration. Here's an excerpt from her note:

"We recently discovered that many of you received offensive e-mail messages regarding a planned rally to "impeach" Chief Justice McGregor as a result of our letter and her response regarding the use of certain immigrant-related terms in court proceedings and documents.  It appears that the organizer, Roy Warden, obtained some Los Abogados member e-mail addresses through the online directory available on the www.losabogados.org website.

"In brief, for those who did not receive the e-mails, the organizer does not agree with the position stated in Los Abogados' letter to the Chief Justice.  From the information we have gathered, the organizer may seek to call attention to himself by burning a Mexican flag in front of the Supreme Court building and shouting verbal obscenities.  

"Los Abogados does not intend to respond to the messages or participate in the rally as it would simply give the organizer more attention.  We strongly encourage all members to stay away from this rally and not respond to any e-mails from this person.  You should be aware that it has been documented that this organizer has threatened violence to those that approach him at past demonstrations he has conducted."

Warden is a known quantity to those who keep an eye on Sand Land nativists. When Warden is not barbecuing the Mexican tricolor, he's drawing a circle around himself and threatening to blow the head off of anyone who steps inside. His violent rhetoric and threats have gotten him profiled by the Southern Poverty Law Center, and arrested more than once down in Tucson, his primary stomping grounds. In 2007, according to the Arizona Daily Star, Warden was "convicted of two counts of threats and intimidation after he pushed one person and made threats to two others outside the [Mexican] consulate in June [of 2006]."

The same story says Warden was ordered not to posses a firearm (he's worn guns at demos in the past) or go within 500 feet of any public demonstration as part of his three years of unsupervised probation. But respect for judicial authority is not one of Warden's notable attributes. Of course, I kinda doubt he'll ever make it up here. The Nimrod likes the attention, though, so you never know. 

Below is one of the e-mails Warden's been circulating. You'll note that it cites arch-right scribbler Linda Bentley of Cave Creek's Sonoran News as one of his sources of info. I called up Bentley to query her concerning the story she wrote for SN about McGregor and the Los Abogados letter. I asked what she thought of Warden coming to town to protest, and she admitted that she has talked to the Looney Tunes Hispanic-hater in the past, but that she doesn't necessarily dig his nutty shtick.

"I didn't invite him up here," she blurted. "I have no control over what other people think."

She continued, "He's just a little wacky that way. He's very, very in tune. He knows his rights. He knows what the constitution says."

Bentley also stood behind her story, saying she never wrote that McGregor had ordered any words banned. She just believes McGregor should have square-filed the Los Abogados missive.

"Why would she distribute something that would ordinarily find its place in the chuckit bucket, ya know?" asked Bentley, rhetorically. "That's how I feel."

She also stated that she doesn't think the court should be "catering to lobbyists." But then she went on to describe how state Supreme Court PIO Gerchick had left her a long phone mail message following her article. In it, Gerchick explained that the court normally forwards on such letters, and would continue to do so despite the point of view expressed.

So Bentley passed on this info to Froot Loopy anti-brown moonhowler Sandra Miller, a "writer" who has contributed to SN previously, as well as to the nativist hate site VDARE.com. According to Gerchick, Miller and several others have mailed in letters in response to this urban legend that McGregor has unleashed the PC-police onto her fellow jurists. And now their letters, too, will be forwarded to the court's judges.

I've seen Miller before in public, and let's just say she ain't no brainiac. So now our judges are being schooled by the likes of Miller, and may get to enjoy Roy Warden's freakshow, in no small part because Miller and Warden have found their inspiration in the hysterical anti-immigrant moonbattiness of wingnuts like Bentley and her pals at Judicial Watch. All 'cause McGregor had the temerity to forward a letter to her colleagues.

Man, these people really need something to do...

Warden's press release follows. Next week, we'll see if he can afford the bus fare to Phoenix.


High Noon (11:45 am-1:15 pm) Date: Wednesday, December 10, 2008 Place: Arizona Supreme Court Address: 1501 W. Washington St. Phoenix AZ. Event: Rally to Impeach Chief Justice Ruth McGregor RALLY TO IMPEACH ARIZONA SUPREME COURT CHIEF JUSTICE RUTH McGREGOR November 24, 2008 CS II Press Tucson, Arizona "Chief Justice Ruth McGregor has disgraced the Arizona Supreme Court," says political activist Roy Warden. "Judge McGregor's conduct to address the "concerns" of the Hispanic Bar Association challenges the integrity of the High Court." At issue is the September 12, 2008 letter sent by "Los Abogados" regarding the use of the terms "Illegals" "Aliens" and "Illegal Immigrant" which the lawyers say prejudices the rights of Hispanics with cases before the bar. "Paul Nachman of VDare Blog and Sandy Miller of No Bad Judges lay out the whole scenario," said Warden. "Read Nachman's "Hot Times for Arizona's Chief Justice Ruth McGregor." Be sure to use the hot links. Nachman and Miller got the story down cold." For further information, also read Linda Bentley's November 12, 2008 article in the Sonoran News. The controversy first came to light subsequent to a blog entry on Judicial Watch. Then Chief Justice McGregor, with the use of a spokesperson, started to back peddle. "Judge McGregor's effort to weasel out of a political controversy is a classic example of judicial Orwellian 'double-speak,' what I like to call 'the Old Yabba Dabba Do,' said Warden. "McGregor wants to divert attention from the real issue, which is: she engaged in political activity specifically proscribed by Canon II of the Code of Judicial Conduct." Legal insiders have informed Warden: "Chief Justice McGregor has bent over and grabbed her ankles to placate La Raza, the Open Border Lobby, and Los Abogados. She must resign or face impeachment." Warden says: "On December 10, 2008 we're going to make things Real Hot for Judge McGregor, right in front of the Arizona Supreme Court. I know how. Show up at the Rally to Impeach and watch the public excoriate a public official who has disgraced her office." For more information, please contact: Roy Warden Director, TWPF (520) 881-0535 [email protected] http://www.wardenburnsmexicanflags.com

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