Tucson Woman Escapes Sexual Assault but Gets Attacked by Suspect's Dogs Before She Could Escape

Police in Tucson have arrested a man they say kidnapped a woman and attempted to sexually assault her before she was attacked by his five dogs as she tried to flee.

The suspect, 62-year-old Arthur Bedoya, also happens to be a level-three sex offender.

According to the Tucson Police Department, Bedoya offered a female friend a ride home, but once he got her in the car, he took her to his own house, where he had five, "vicious" dogs.

Once inside the house, police say Bedoya attempted to sexually assault the victim and brutally attacked her when she tried to leave.

After escaping a sexual assault and a violent attack, the victim ran outside, where she was met by the suspect's five dogs.

Police say the dogs viciously attacked the woman before she could escape and find help.

The woman suffered multiple cuts and bruises from the attack, but police say it's unclear which injuries came from the dogs, and which injuries came from Bedoya's attack.

Bedoya was booked into Pima County jail on charges of kidnapping and attempted sexual assault. 

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