Tuesday Temptress: The irresistible Amparo Elizabeth

Amparo's birthday suit: boots, gloves, hat, and little else. (photo by Bala Raman)

Tuesday's beauty is the limber and lovely Amparo Elizabeth, who hails from Honduras originally, but was raised in the Zona and has been modeling since age nine. This exotic enchantress boasts Spanish blood, her first name meaning "protection" in her native tongue. Unraveled, her brownish-blond hair falls to her waist, and Lord what we wouldn't give to be lost in those inviting, silken tresses.

No wonder John Cusack once cast a lustful eye in the direction of PHX's Queen Elizabeth. Seems the Being John Malkovich star was on a media junket for the 2005 flick Ice Harvest at the time, and Amparo was helping her film critic boyfriend produce a segment for his radio show. Sparks flew, even though, unbeknownst to Cusack, Amparo's boyfriend was in the room.

"He was totally hitting on me," confides the enchanting Amparo with a laugh. "And I've always had a crush on him, so it was kind of hard. He asked me what I was doing later, and if I'd like to have a drink with him. If my boyfriend hadn't been there, I would totally have justified it by saying, `Hey, it's just a drink. Come on.' I still tease him about it. I tell him, `I turned down John Cusack for you.'"

Indeed, her man of four years best mind his Ps and Qs if he wants to remain with this sultry succubus. Amparo admits, "I still look. I'm not married. I've never known anything to last forever, so I'm always keeping my options open." Shy, quiet and smart is what she digs in a dood. "I think that the guys I like are always afraid of me," she says.

Homegirl's got a brain of her own: She graduated from ASU with a B.A. in poli sci, earned while on a full scholarship to the university. Currently she works at a local real estate development firm in addition to the modeling. You can see more of her at www.amparoelizabeth.com, or this Saturday, April 21 at the Frock 'n' Roll Fashion Show at Alice Cooperstown, sponsored by Christopher Cashak's CASHAK TV. There Amparo'll be wearing the fashions of local designers in order to raise money for charity.

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