Twenty-Two Sniveling Senators Ask Double-Talking Barack Obama To Stop Deporting Undocumented Youth. Change Unlikely.

Twenty-two United States Senators sent a letter to President Barack Obama late last week asking him to stop deporting undocumented youth who might be eligible for the federal DREAM Act, which Senator Richard Durbin plans to re-introduce in this session of congress.

The letter exposes Obama's double-talk on immigration -- but let's not absolve the sniveling congressional Democrats of blame for the problems facing undocumented youth.

Obama has deported more illegal immigrants than any president in history but insists his administration is against the removal of talented, undocumented youth and only targets criminal aliens. But on the same day his party colleagues asked him to stop deporting youth, the Department of Homeland Security sent Prerna Lal a notice to appear for deportation proceedings. Lal is a George Washington University law student who founded dreamactivist.org.


The DREAM Act is unlikely to become law before the 2012 elections, partly because Republicans control the House of Representatives and partly because Democrats just don't have 60 pro-immigration-reform members in their caucus, not to mention the vicious politics all immigration issues carry.

Longtime Republican Senator Richard Lugar supported the DREAM Act last fall and is facing a tough right-wing primary challenge for it.

Florida Senator Bill Nelson signed the letter to Obama despite the fact that he joined Republicans in killing the legislation last December. Such is the power of immigration to create babbling idiots and cowards out of the best of us.

Here's what you can expect on the DREAM Act and immigration reform in the next two years:

Barack Obama will continue to speak about the need to keep talented youth in the country without lifting a finger for the DREAM Act. Democratic legislators eventually will bring legislation to address their problems to the floor of the House and Senate, where they will lose -- and they expect to lose. Republicans will accuse the Democrats of wanting to give American jobs to brown people, and the cycle will continue while lives are ruined and smart people get sent abroad to countries they do not know.

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