Twitter Carves McCain Like a Thanksgiving Turkey for Praising Federal Judge Who Nixed Overtime Rule Expansion

It's been a little while since Senator John McCain has tweeted something that provoked the full wrath of his social-media trolls, but he let one rip late Tuesday night, and Twitter carved into him like a freshly roasted Butterball.

"Good news for Arizona businesses that have been forced to comply w/ onerous fed'l reg," he tweeted, linking to an article about a federal judge's decision to temporarily block a new regulation from the U.S. Department of Labor. The law, which was finalized in May and set to go into effect December 1, requires employers to pay overtime to any employee who makes $47,476 or less annually (about $913 per week) – previously, the threshold was $23,660 per year.

An estimated 4 million American workers would have benefited from this new rule, but 21 states – including Arizona – and a collation of business-interest groups sued the federal government, arguing that the labor department doesn't have the authority to make a rule like this.

Though the injunction is technically temporary, an article from Politico notes that the judge's decision to do so is a good indicator that he'll eventually side with the plaintiffs and permanently block the rule.

Given McCain's tweet, it's no secret which side of the debate he comes down on, but given the Twitter reaction, it's no secret that many of his followers beg to differ.

"[Senator McCain], you're happy that hundreds of thousands of your constituents have just had their rightful pay stolen? Shameful," tweeted @DenisePerkins5.

"Bragging about a judge blocking overtime pay is like cheering for cancer," Twitter user @birdistheherd wrote.

"How exactly is compensating people who are already underpaid for their time/work onerous?" @msmithobx tweeted.

There are too many angry responses to list them all, but here are some favorites:

And last, but certainly not least:

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