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Two Arizona Cardinals Among Top-10 Most-Liked Sports Figures in Country, Survey Finds

While any good Cardinals fan waits until Sunday to determine how they feel about Kurt Warner, the rest of the country seems to quite taken by the Kurt Warner grocery bags-to- riches story.

According to a recent survey by California-based E-Poll Market Research, two of the country's most beloved sports figures are on the Arizona Cardinals offense.

Larry Fitzgerald and Kurt Warner hold the number two and three spots on the short list of sports figures, but once you see the second-rate celebs that make up the rest of the list, the recognition seems hardly impressive.

Let's point out the polls' findings have nothing to do with how good the athlete is, just whether they seem like someone you wouldn't mind grabbing a beer with. That being the case, this list still seems bunk.

The top honor was taken by Olympic gymnast Shawn Johnson, who while being somewhat adorable in that can't-wait-'til-she's-18 sort of way, is still just a gymnast.

Also on the list is ESPN's Robin "Go On with Your Bad Self" Roberts, who you may know if you're one of the few people who can actually watch women's college basketball, or more recently, Good Morning America.

Or how about bull rider Ty Murray, who came in at the nine spot? Bull riding is a sport? We thought it was a sideshow. 

If you're a Suns fan, get ready to be pissed.

People seem to like San Antonio Spurs center Tim Duncan, who also happens to be one of the most boring big men in professional basketball and rounds out the list at 10.

People find him to be "intelligent, trustworthy, and approachable."  But would it kill him to opt for a dunk rather than a lame layup once in a while?

Those polled found that trust was a big thing when it came to their choice in athletes and say Warner is "trustworthy, down to earth, and experienced."

Those polled found Fitzgerald to be "versatile, exciting, and dynamic."

We won't argue with that.

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