Two Arizona Murder Suspects Surrender in Idaho

Police in Gooding County, Idaho, arrested two men suspected of murdering a man and assaulting another in Aguila, an unincorporated section of Maricopa County last week.

It wasn't all that difficult tracking the men down, either, police say. They turned themselves in.

Corey Ainsile, 25, and Quinn Messersmith, 22, are believed responsible for the shooting death of 34-year-old Edward Moreno and the assault of Douglas Moffitt.

The charges stem from an incident last week, when police say there was an argument between the two groups of men.

The argument turned into a fight, and that's when police say either Ainsile or Messersmith fired a shot that killed Moreno.

Moffitt was only injured in the fight and was taken to a hospital.

After the gun went off, the suspects fled the scene and almost immediately left town and headed to Idaho, pulling a horse trailer with two horses behind their truck.

Sounds a little Brokeback, if ya ask us.

Ainsile and Messersmith were both considered suspects early in the investigation, police say, and were tracked back to Idaho, where it is believed they are from.

The pair have waived extradition and will be coming back to Maricopa County this week.

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