Two More Law Enforcement Agencies Announce Arrests From Protest; Total: 71

Since our earlier post about the number of arrests made during yesterday's SB 1070 protests in downtown Phoenix, other law enforcement agencies that were slappin' cuffs on protesters checked in and bumped up the total number of arrests by about 25.

As we reported earlier, the Phoenix Police Department arrested 45 protesters yesterday. But they weren't the only ones making arrests.

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office also got a piece of the action, making 23 arrests during the protests.

Those arrested by the sheriff's office were protesters outside of the Fourth Avenue Jail.

Protesters at the jail were reportedly beating on a metal door until officers in riot gear answered, waded into the crowd, and arrested those who didn't get out of their way.

The MCSO didn't arrest everyone, though. Click here to read about a guy who chained himself to a door at the jail, where he stayed for 45 minutes until officers used bolt-cutters to remove him.

That protester, for some strange reason, wasn't arrested.

The U.S. Marshals Service got down on the action, arresting three people in front of the federal courthouse.

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