Two Prescott Valley Dimwits Arrested for Urinating on Cop Car

A Prescott Valley police car took a golden shower and two men got arrested after witnesses say they pissed on the car as it stereotypically sat in a Denny's parking lot over the weekend.

Prescott Valley Police Sergeant Art Askew tells New Times that, about 2:30 Saturday morning, Nathaniel Stropko and Jasen Venable, both 29, of Prescott Valley, were seen by several witnesses urinating on the cop car as two officers were inside the restaurant eating.

Askew says several witnesses ran into the restaurant and told the officers that the men had fouled the police cruiser and were then driven awayby a female.

Witnesses were able to identify the car that drove the men from the scene, and almost before that car could leave the lot, the officers were able to get outside, and get into two police cars, (ncluding the pissed-on one) and apprehend the culprits..

As well as finding the pissers in the car, officers found a 3-year-old baby in the backseat without a car seat.

The driver, 21-year-old Amber Arellano, was arrested for disorderly conduct and given a citation for having her child be unrestrained.

The two pissers were booked into the Yavapai County jail on charges of disorderly conduct and a town code violation of urinating in public.

Askew says the men made no statements to police as to why they thought a cop car would be a good spot to urinate, and no toxicology testing was done to see if the men were drunk.

But Askew adds that cops "assume alcohol was involved."  

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