Two Victims of Apache Junction Murder Identified, Police Charge Three in the Drug-Related Shootout

Police have identified the two men who were found dead in an Apache Junction trailer park over the weekend, and now have three people in custody for the drug-related double murder.

Edward L. Reagan Jr, 40, of Apache Junction and 22-year-old Jamie G. Mountain of Mesa were found Sunday night in a run-down mobile home with multiple gun shot wounds.

The suspects, 30-year-old Nikki Small and 30-year-old Timothy D. Bunting Jr., each of Payson, and 25-year-old Kylan L. Rubio, of Strawberry, were found at their homes and arrested late last night and early this morning.

The murders appear to be the result of a drug deal gone bad, police say. Reagan and Mountain weren't paying residents of the trailer park and the motor home in which they were found only showed up a few months ago.

"Something went sideways during their negotiation we think," Captain Thomas Kelly of the Apache Junction Criminal Investigations Unit tells New Times. "It looks like they were negotiating for some pills, something like Oxycontin, we're not quite sure yet."

After canvasing the sparse neighborhood, Apache Junction police teamed up with US Marshals to hunt for three suspects.

Rubio, Small, and Bunting are being held at the Gila County Detention Center on charges of facilitation of second degree murder and conspiracy to possess/ distribute narcotics, and and firearm violations.

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Adele Hampton
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