Tyler McQuade's Accused of Fatally Shooting Father In the Face With a Shotgun

A Gilbert man was arrested yesterday on charges that he murdered his father by shooting him in the face with a shotgun.

Tyler John McQuade, 24, has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of his father, Sean McQuade.

According to court records obtained by New Times, Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies responded to a report that a dead body was found inside a house in Tonopah about 8:30 a.m. Monday.

Responding deputies found Sean McQuade's two brothers, Dan and Mike, waiting outside of the home. Inside, they found Sean McQuade's body, which had suffered an apparent shotgun blast to the face.

The two brothers advised the deputies that they had gone to the house -- which is owned by Dan McQuade, but occupied by Sean McQuade -- with a realtor on Monday morning. They'd called Sean the night before to tell him they'd be stopping by the house that morning. They never heard back.

When the brothers got to the house with the realtor the next morning, they found Sean McQuade's body "crumpled" on the floor next to the front door.

As detectives were questioning the brothers, another deputy had spoken to another family member, who told him Sean's son Tyler had made threats against the family in the past. The family member told the deputy about text messages sent by one of Sean McQuade's other sons.

"[Tyler has] come a long way and is doing much better than before," one text message said. Another said "I don't think [Tyler] would really do something to that extreme to my dad."

Detectives contacted Tyler McQuade at his Gilbert home. He told them he hadn't spoken to his father since November of last year. That, it turns out, was a lie.

Cell phone records show that Tyler spoke to his father several times on the Saturday before the body was discovered. Further, detectives were able to show that Tyler's cell phone pinged at multiple different cell towers that day, many of which are in Tonapah near his father's home.

Additionally, one of Sean McQude's longtime friends told detectives that Sean had been at his house on the Saturday before the body was discovered. The friend says Sean left to go meet his son at his house to talk about something.

Before Sean McQuade left his friend's house, he told him he didn't know what Tyler wanted to talk about, but he "didn't feel good about it." Sean promised to call his friend after meeting his son and tell him what went down. Sean never called.

While he was getting grilled by detectives, Tyler McQuade continued to deny speaking to his father -- let alone seeing him. He stuck to his story about having no contact with Sean McQuade since November, even when confronted with the cell phone records.

Tyler McQuade's being held on $500,000 bond. his next court appearance is scheduled for February 3. 

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