Tyson Langley, 15-Year-Old Accused of Double Homicide, Pleads Not Guilty to Murder Charges

Tyson Langley, the 15-year-old accused of murdering two people at a Peoria smoke shop last month, was in Maricopa County Superior Court this morning where he pleaded not guilty to two counts of first-degree murder.

Despite his young age, Langley's being charged as an adult.

Langley's accused of murdering Melinda Bowen, 38, and Kenneth Matlock, 60, at the Euphorium Emporium smoke shop in Peoria on the afternoon of January 17.

According to court records obtained by New Times, Langley was arrested on Los Angeles' Skid Row two days after the murders, after a "BOLO" (be on the lookout) had been issued for him by Peoria police.

When he was taken into custody, Langley had a gun in his possession -- violating California's minor in possession of a firearm law.

Peoria police picked Langley up at Los Angeles' East Lake Juvenile Detention Facility and brought him back to the Valley, where he was booked into a Maricopa County jail on two counts of first degree murder.

Since his arrest, Langley has said little to authorities. During his initial appearance in Maricopa County Superior Court (which you can see by clicking here), Langley quietly said his name and date of birth before Court Commissioner Barbara Hamner appointed a public defender to handle the boy's case.  

According to Peoria police, Langley shot the two victims in the head while robbing the smoke shop.

After fatally shooting Bowen and Matlock, Langley followed another customer out of the store and shot him in the hip, court records show.

Langley left the shop with $300 and the owner of the smoke shop's handgun. He then drove Matlock's truck to a Phoenix Walgreen's before catching a bus to Los Angeles.

A motive for the murders is unknown.

Langley's due back in court on March 19.

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