Umm...is Congressional Candidate Jon Hulburd a Republican? He Assures Us, He's Not

Congressional candidate Jon Hulburd, who's squaring off with Ben Quayle in the District 3 Congressional race, went On the Record with Greta Van Susteren last night, and he would have looked great -- if he were a Republican.

Hulburd's appearance with Greta came on the same day we received a press release from his campaign announcing his tax plan. After looking it over, we asked a colleague "wait, Hulburd's a Democrat, right?"

Hulburd's plan includes things like extending the Bush tax cuts through 2012, permanently lowering the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 25 percent, and making permanent the current tax rate for capital gains and dividends.

Sounds like Hulburd's got himself a copy of the GOP playbook, which, while running for office in a predominately Republican district, isn't a bad thing to have -- even if you're a Democrat.

When Hulburd went On the Record, he did little to change our initial impression that he's a Republican.

He re-iterated his tax plan and even threw down some tough talk about securing the border.

Check out the On the Record interview here.

We spoke with Hulburd this afternoon and asked him point-blank if he was a Republican posing as a Democrat.

"I'm definitely a Democrat," Hulburd tells New Times. "I've been a Democrat my whole life."

Hulburd, who was raised by a Republican father and a Democratic mother, says he's always aligned himself with the Democratic party but says he -- like many voters in his district -- is an independent thinker.

"I don't want people to think I'm misleading anyone and running outside of my party," he says. "The Democratic party's got a very big tent."

We asked him for a few specific Democratic principles he supported. He didn't give us any specific answers but says he welcomes the idea of independent thinkers who are willing to "chuck the label."

Hulburd gives off the impression that he's a genuine dude who doesn't abandon his principles to toe the party line. He almost reminds us of a left-leaning version of Republican Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts (when Brown was running for office, that is).

Hulburd's wife, Carrie, is even a Republican and he says his five kids are split between affiliations to the two parties.

"I don't know, [Carrie] told me she was gonna vote for me but who knows," Hulburd jokes.

For now, he says, she's leading the "Republicans for Hulburd" effort in District 3.

That's probably a good plan. We have a feeling those involved in the "Democrats for Hulburd" effort might not be too thrilled with some of his ideas.

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