UPDATE: Cards Fail to Sellout Sunday's Game but Given Blackout Extension by NFL

As we reported yesterday, for the second time this season, the Arizona Cardinals were on the verge of not selling out Sunday's game and being blacked out on local television.

NFL rules state that if a game is not sold out 72 hours before kickoff, it will not be broadcast on local television.

As of 1:15 p.m. today, the NFL's blackout deadline, the Cards still couldn't muster up 1,500 fans to buy the remaining tickets.

Fortunately, the Cards were given a stay of execution by the NFL and allowed an extra day to try to the remaining seats.

The team's Web site claims there are fewer than a thousand tickets remaining. Since we probably can't rely on Steve Nash to buy out the remaining seats and give them away like it was a Phoenix Mercury game, some fans are going to have to take one for the team and actually go to the game.

We understand they're playing the Houston Texans, and quarterback Sexy Rexy Grossman probably isn't as enticing as his nickname night suggest, but at least there's overpriced beer. So please, click here and buy some tickets so Arizona isn't the laughing stock of the league this weekend.

And so the rest of us can watch it on TV.

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