Update on Rusty Childress associate Damon Ashenfelter as he attempts to hide his white power views.

If you're irony deficient, here's one to bite on: Damon Ashenfelter, the self-avowed white supremacist who was identified in Friday's post, "Rusty Childress' United for a Sovereign America: A family portrait," has set his MySpace profile to private, and changed his motto from "Hail the Order. Hail the 14 words. R.I.P. David Lane" to "Politically Incorrect and Damn Proud of It." Of course, if he's really that proud of his bigotry, why does he feel the need to hide it from the world?

No problem. I've already made extensive copies of all of his MySpace pages, and I have screen captures as well. And then, there's Google cache, which still has up a version of his website in memory here. Don't know how long Google cache remains in memory, but it is up right now.

Aside from mentioning his employer on the site, he also talks about his boxing matches for Bad Boy Fights, where he's listed as Damon "Beast" Ashenfelter. Looking at the other boxers, many of whom are Latino, one wonders if they'd be down with Damon's racist skinhead views.

The above illo is one Damon had on his Web site, along with another illo of Homer Simpson laced and booted as a skinhead. What no Peter Griffin in a white hood? One thing I will give Damon points for is listing Family Guy as his fave TV show. I can just see it now, "Hey Lois, now that I've joined the Klan, I guess I'm gonna have to lynch Cleveland."

Kudos to Godless over at Arizona Indymedia , who had Damon's number from jump. There are several pics of him patrolling the perimeter of the May Day counterdemonstration. Sometimes you really can tell a book by its cover.

Damon's free to believe whatever stupid shit he wants to believe. I don't care about that as much as pointing out his link to Rusty Childress and Childress' United for a Sovereign America, where he apparently fits right in.

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