UPDATE: Sentencing Hearing For Killer of Phoenix PD Officer David Uribe to Resume Next Week

We've gotten several e-mails in the last few days wondering what happened in the sentencing phase of recently convicted cop killer Donnie Delahanty.

Short answer -- nothing yet.

Superior Court Judge Warren Granville has been off this week, and the jury is not scheduled to reconvene until Monday, May 18.

At that time, the panel will begin to hear evidence from both sides before determining whether to impose the death penalty against Delahanty, or to spare his life with the provision that the 22-year-old will spend the rest of his life in prison.

The same jury that will decide Delahanty's sentencing convicted him a few weeks ago of first-degree murder and other charges stemming from the May 10, 2005, assassination of the 48-year-old Phoenix police veteran, the gentleman in the photo above.

The panel's verdict meant it was convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that Delahanty repeatedly shot the officer during a routine traffic stop near the intersection of 35th Avenue and Cactus Road.

We reported on this senseless murder in our "Murder City" series in a piece appropriately enttitled "The Case of the Grim Tweaker."

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Paul Rubin
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