UPDATED: Bald White Guy Offers 10-Year-Old Candy to Get in His Truck -- Pervs Need to Get a Little More Creative

"There's candy in the van, little girl...muahahahaha."

Could a pervert's (ahem) pickup line be any more cliche?

That age-old ploy was basically what a guy in Tempe reportedly used to try and lure a 10-year-old girl into his truck this morning.

The incident reportedly happened as the girl walked to her bus stop near Kyrene and Warner Roads in Tempe this morning.

The suspect, described as a bald white guy, approached the girl in his white truck. He told her he had candy inside and she should get in.

The girl, unmoved by the man's invitation, didn't take the bait. She reported the incident and now police are trying to validate the girl's story and, if it checks out, find the guy.

Tempe police are likely gonna check this one out thoroughly -- about a month ago, an 11-year-old girl made a similar claim that turned out to be bogus.

Check back later today for details.

UPDATE: Shortly after this story was posted, the Tempe Police Department announced the girl's story was a lie. Click here for more info.

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