U.S. Border Patrol Nabs More Than 1,600 Pounds of Weed in One Weekend

U.S. Border Patrol agents in Arizona have been pretty busy in their war-against-weed, nabbing more than 1,600 pounds of the icky in three separate busts last weekend.

The first of the weekend's three big busts happened Friday afternoon when agents working at a checkpoint on Highway 90 near Wilcox found about 90 pounds of marijuana in the trunk of a car trying to pass through the checkpoint.

Also on Friday, agents near Nogales were working in an area near Amado when they discovered an abandoned truck near some railroad tracks. When agents took a look inside the vehicle they found more than 600 pounds of pot packaged in 30, separate bundles.

In the third segment of the weekend's weed-round-up, agents from the Ajo Station, working with officers from the National Park Service, found tire tracks heading west on a dirt road away from State Route 85.

Agents followed the tracks to another abandoned vehicle, and when they looked inside, they found more than 900 pounds of m.j.

In total, the street value of last weekend's busts was about $1.3 million, authorities estimate.

All the weed confiscated in the busts was taken to Border Patrol stations for "processing."

Apparently, over the last several months, Border Agents have been workin' their tails off to keep you from getting high.

From October 1, 2009 to April 30, agents seized about 622,000 pounds of ganja with an estimated value exceeding $498 million.

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