U.S. Senate Candidate Rodney Glassman Wants the World to Know He's Gonna Start Wearing an Arizona Flag Lapel Pin

In a political move only newsworthy because of its high-level of tackiness, U.S. Senate hopeful Rodney Glassman actually put out a press release last night to make an announcement regarding his campaign wardrobe: In addition to the U.S. flag lapel pin he wears, he will begin wearing one of the Arizona flag.

Stop the presses!

"In 1777, the Second Continental Congress adopted Old Glory as the official flag of the United States. I celebrate our country every day by wearing the American flag pin. Starting today, I will also wear the Arizona flag as a symbol of my dedication to Arizona first," Glassman says in a statement he sent out last night.

The baby-faced Glassman is using his groundbreaking addition to campaign fashion to call out Senator John McCain, his potential opponent in the general election, for allegedly not "putting Arizona first" during his time in Washington.

"I respect and appreciate McCain's service to his country, but Arizona needs a U.S. Senator who is committed to Arizona," Glassman says. "Arizona needs someone willing to compete with other U.S. Senators to stop sending our tax dollars to other states and start bringing some of our money back home. Arizona needs a U.S. Senator who calls Arizona home and puts Arizona first."

Glassman may be getting ahead of himself with the attacks on McCain -- he's currently engaged in a Democratic primary with three other candidates, former New Times columnist John Dougherty, Scottsdale attorney Randy Parraz, and ASU administrator Cathy Eden.

Not to mention, John McCain isn't the Republican nominee, yet -- he is also in the midst of a heated primary with former Congressman J.D. Hayworth.

The vast majority of Glassman's attacks seem to be presumptively directed at McCain, but his campaign staff assures us he's taking every candidate seriously.

Back in April, after we asked if Glassman would focus on anyone but McCain, his campaign spokeswoman, Dawn Teo, said, "He'll go up against whoever the Republican nominee may be. Everyone takes J.D. Hayworth seriously." 

While his confidence is adorable, Glassman may want to focus on the other three Democrats in the race before he sets his sights on unseating "The Maverick."     

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