U.S. Senators John McCain and Al Franken "Debate" Issue of National Importance: NFL Football

CBS News anchor Bob Schieffer moderated a satirical debate between Arizona Senator John McCain and Minnesota Senator Al Franken before the Arizona Cardinals and Minnesota Vikings faced off at University of Phoenix stadium in Glendale Thursday night.

And it was funny.

Imitating the format of a political debate, Scheiffer began the "Face the (Football) Nation" segment by asking the two to “briefly, sell the American people on” their respective teams.

“Bob, it’s simple, when the going gets tough, Americans don’t fold,” McCain began. “When the Arizona Cardinals have an injury, it’s next man up. I’m proud of my football team, I’m proud to be an American.”

But before McCain could go further, Franken, the Saturday Night Live comedian-turned-politician, interrupted:

“You know, we’ve heard this kind of rhetoric before from my (pause) very (pause) close (pause) friend. But where has it gotten Arizona fans? To one Super Bowl, which they lost.”

“Game on!” both men seemed to say with their eyes.

“I’ll tell you one thing, my esteemed colleague, you’re not going to get there this year. Look at the embarrassing loss you just suffered at the hands of the Seahawks.”


“Well we had a lot of guys hurt,” Franken responded quietly.

“Gentlemen, let’s not turn this into a sports talk radio show,” Scheiffer suggested.

“Well, it’s too late,” Franken replied. “Okay, he is my friend but he’s a loser.”

“Maybe if you would understand the virtues of being a Republican instead of a liberal-communist-socialist,” McCain shot back. “You’re just mad because the Cardinals defense is a wall, and you can’t penetrate it.”

With that, McCain set up Franken for what was arguably the highlight of the interaction.

We’ll not to spoil the rest of the sketch and let you watch it for yourself, but there is one more thing well worth noting:

The Cardinals beat the Vikings 23-20 to secure a spot in the playoffs.

Sorry, not sorry, Minnesota.

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