Utah Likely to Join Pac-10 as 12th Team

Finally, it looks as if the musical chairs in college sports have come to an end.

As we reported here last week, there was a lot of uncertainty about which conference a number of schools would end up joining.

While schools did shuffle around, the latest (and hopefully last) one to do so is the Utah Utes. And they are joining the Pacific-10.

The Utes, currently in the Mountain West Conference, were reportedly invited to join the Pac-10 on Wednesday. And the odds are pretty good that they will accept.

Utah's Board of Trustees is scheduled to meet tomorrow to discuss the matter and will hold a press conference at the football stadium afterward. The purpose of the press conference, we expect, is to announce the acceptance of the Pac-10's invitation.

Utah would become the 12th member of the conference (Colorado joined last week) and would give the Pac-10 an expanded presence outside of the West Coast.

So what does this mean for the conference and Arizona State?

While the Pac-10 missed out on the prized schools such as Texas and Oklahoma, the Utes aren't a bad addition.

Utah, as most people fail to recognize, won the 2005 Fiesta Bowl and 2008 Sugar Bowl, despite being in a conference without an automatic BCS bid.

As for the Sun Devils, this move will help strengthen their schedule and also allow them to recruit in the Utah region.

The Pac-10 appears set for now. But the money-hungry school officials may soon decide that another school or two is what the conference needs.

Now the only real question is what the hell are they gonna call it -- Pac-12?

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