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Valley Bars Scramble to Get Gun-Prohibiting Signs Before Concealed Weapon Law Takes Effect

Starting September 29th, Arizona citizens  will be allowed to bring concealed weapons into bars and restaurants that serve alcohol (we still can't believe it, either), but bar owners aren't nearly as excited as Representative Jerry Weiers and the rest of the gun-toting legislators who allowed for this to happen.

Since the bill allowing guns in bars was signed back in June, more than 400 bars have requested signs from the Arizona Department of Liquor License and Control, which tell potential patrons to take their Glocks elsewhere.

The bill still allows bars to ban guns, but only if they display a sign from the ADLLC, which is becoming increasingly hard to acquire.

Senator Ken Cheuvront, who vehemently opposed the bill, tells the Arizona Republic that he's been trying for months to get one of the signs for his own bar, Cheuvront Restaurant & Wine Bar in central Phoenix, and a coalition of more than 50 independent bars and restaurants that aren't too keen on the idea of putting people with guns in the same room as tequila and egos.

"It's an unfortunate law that was put in place," he says.

"Unfortunate" is the best adjective this guy could come up with for this law? Oh that's right; he's running for office. Fortunately, we're not -- how about idiotic? Dangerous? Hickish? Pick one, they all apply.

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